lundi 31 décembre 2012

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Study Smarter
Study Smarter, Not Harder
Kevin Paul (Auteur)

Download : EUR 7,49 (as of 12/31/2012 16:05 PST)

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Description du produit

* Use the genius inside you
* Learn HOW to learn
* Expand your memory capacity 100 times
* Energize your brain Become the confident superlearner you've always wanted to be! At school or at work, we are constantly challenged by having to acquire new skills and ideas as those we've learned become obsolete. By mastering the seven basic elements of complete study skills presented in this book, you can tap into your hidden potential for maximum performance and increased learning power. Study Smarter, Not Harder debunks many of the myths associated with studying techniques. The practical exercises in this guide are immediately useful, making studying efficient and painless. This book will help you achieve your goals, whether you are aiming to pass the next exam, get into a postsecondary institution or a graduate program, or upgrade your job skills. Study Smarter, Not Harder answers questions such as: * How quickly can I learn the fundamentals of good studying?
* Will speed-reading solve my problems?
* Do women and men need to learn different study skills?
* If I forget today what I read yesterday, what am I doing wrong?
* How can I improve my memory and concentration?
* Is cramming for exams such a bad idea?
* How do I cope with a boring instructor? At any age, at any time in life, you can increase your intelligence and learning ability. Study Smarter, Not Harder will show you how to learn -- which is the most valuable skill you will ever learn.

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